10 Years of experience
Web Application Developer specializing in Drupal and Zend Framework. Zend Certified in PHP and Zend Framework. 10+ years of experience

Zend Certified Engineer

About me

I'm a web developer from the New York area. I got my first taste of coding around 1999 when I was first introduced to programming on a college preview tour. I went home and immediately bought all the books I could find on the topic and signed up for a C++ course being offered by my High School. A short while later I wrote my first pong game in QBASIC followed by games in c++ and Visual Basic.

I'm also a flight simulator enthusiast who loves everything about flying. In early 2000, I had the idea to create a website showcasing my fascination with planes. This was the first website I created, which was hosted on a free 8m server and is still sitting out there today. After these experiences, I fell in love with programming and has since developed a passion for coding. This was the moment that I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue.

Fast forward over a decade later and you'll still find me doing what I enjoy the most, coding. Over the years the technology powering the web have changed dramatically but not my drive and passion. I've embraced frameworks and content management systems such as Zend Framework, Drupal and Wordpress that simplifies my life as a developer.