Config Sets are groups of configuration file that can be used when creating new solr cores. Apache solr 5.X comes with a set of three preconfigured Config Sets. The Config Sets are located in the configsets directory located in SOLR_HOME(server/solr by default). The full default path is server/solr/config.

  • basic_configs - minimum configurations that are required for creating a solr core.
  • data_driven_schema_configs - configured to create schemaless cores. It supports managed schema via field guessing.
  • sample_techproducts_configs: this is a more advanced configuration with many off the optional features enabled.all
Create Solr Core Using Config Set


./bin/solr create -c <corename> -d <configdir_or_set> -p <port>


./bin/solr create -c mybasiccore -d basic_configs -p 8983


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