Schemaless - Create Solr Core

Apache solr has the ability to run in schemaless mode. This is achieved by combining a set of 3 solr features.

  1. Managed schema: the ability to modify the schema at runtime using the Apache solr API.
  2. Field guessing: the ability of Solr to guess the type of a document field based on the value that it contains.
  3. Automatic schema field addition: the ability to add the correct field type to the schema based on the type determined by the field guessing.



The syntax for creating a solr core is show below:

  • corename - a name for the core to create
  • configdir_or_set - the path of a config directory or the name of a Config Set to use in creating the core.
  • port - the port the core will be accessible on.
When the -d paramter isn't given solr automatically creates a core in schemaless mode by using the Config Set "data_driven_schema_configs" that comes Solr.
./bin/solr create -c <corename> -d <configdir_or_set> -p <port>


There are several ways to create a Apache Solr Core.

Method #1 - command line
#./bin/solr create -c <corename>
./bin/solr create -c hellocore


Method #2 - REST API

The solr core may also be created via the Rest API:

Note: Config Sets are explained here. It is really just directory containing solrconfig.xml and other configuration files for creating a core.




By default the solr core will be created at server/solr within the solr installation.

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