Create New Dropdown Menu - RichCombo Plugin

Dropdown Menu

The Richcombo plugin allows us to create dropdown menus like the Font and Styles dropdown.

In this example we'll create the following dropdown.

Plugin Source Code

  CKEDITOR.plugins.add( 'my_plugin', {
    requires : ['richcombo'],

    init: function( editor )

      var config = editor.config;
      editor.ui.addRichCombo( 'Zoom',
          label : "Dropdown", //label displayed in toolbar
          title : 'Zoom',//popup text when hovering over the dropdown
          multiSelect : false,

          //use the same style as the font/style dropdowns
          panel :
            css: [ 'editor' ) ].concat( config.contentsCss ),
          init : function()
            //start group in the dropdown
            this.startGroup( 'Group 1' );
            //VALUE - The value we get when the row is clicked
            //HTML - html/plain text that should be displayed in the dropdown
            //TEXT - displayed in popup when hovered over the row.
            //this.add( VALUE, HTML, TEXT );
            //add row to the first group
              this.add( 2,"<h1>Test</h1>", "333" );

            //start another group in the dropdown
            this.startGroup( 'Group 2' );
            //add row to the second group.
            this.add( "444","No HTML Here", "666" );

            //we can also set the initial value that the dropdown takes
            //when it is clicked for the first time.
            // Default value on first click
           // this.setValue("444", "No HTML Here");
          //this function is called when a row is clicked
          onClick: function( value ) {
           //we can check the value to see which row was clicked and respond accordly
      // End of richCombo element


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