Keyboard Shortcuts

Add Keyboard Shortcut
Title Linux Mac Windows Category
Popup To Add Emoji Control + Command + Space Xcode
Switch Between Header And Implementation File Comtrol + Command + Up Arrow or Down Arrow Xcode
Split View Command + J Xcode
Split View(while in source) Command + Option + Comma Xcode
Move Caret To Openning Bracket Of A Block Command + Option + [ PhpStorm
Move Caret To Closing Bracket Of A Block Command + Option + ] PhpStorm
Search For Commands And Settings In The IDE itself Command + Shift + A Control + Shift + A PhpStorm
Return To Previous Edit Location Command + Shift + Delete Control + Shift + Backspace PhpStorm
Trigger Autocomplete Popup Control + Space Xcode
Trigger Code Completion Popup Command + Space PhpStorm